Can a natural perfume have a good hold ? The answer is yes ! It is one of the main challenges when creating a natural fragrance. Perfumers have the habit of enhancing the performance of a perfume with the help of synthetic molecules. It’s a reliable, effective and inexpensive solution. However, to create a perfume that last well without using synthetic molecule is quite possible.

The composition of a natural fragrance

When creating a perfume, a perfumer will choose different raw materials according to several criteria. His affinities with the raw material of course, its nature (woody, spicy, herbaceous, etc.), its quality, its ability to hold on the skin or its ability to give a beautiful sillage. To compose a natural fragrance that holds well, a perfumer will have to choose and select rigorously his raw materials. The, his mastery, technique, know-how and talent will make all the difference !

A fragrance contains a multitude of components. Whether synthetic or natural these components form, once they are assembled, a magical molecular alchemy making each formulation unique. This alchemy that confers to each perfume its singularity is fascinating. And, according to us, even more when it comes to a natural composition.
The alchemy that is formed between natural raw materials has something unpredictable. The synthetic molecules are indeed rather stable while natural molecules live and sometimes reserve surprises. The assembly of some natural raw materials can sometimes give birth to unexpected facets, it is what makes the complexity of the natural, but also its beauty!

Creating a beautiful natural fragrance means allocating a substantial budget to raw materials. The perfumer will have access to beautiful materials to take up this 100% natural fragrance challenge.

The Challenges of formulating natural perfumes

The persistence is, very often the weakness of natural, however it is quite possible to have a natural perfume with a good hold.

What makes the quality of a perfume and contributes to its good performance is the quality of the raw materials it contains and the quality of its accord ! That’s why the composition of a perfume is an art. A perfume well composed with beautiful raw materials will offer a good performance. It’s not just synthetic molecules that last on the skin!

This point was really important for us. That’s why, we have allocated a substantial budget for raw materials, enabling the Nose Stéphanie Bakouche to use high quality materials, with which she has been able to freely compose small “olfactory bombs” as she likes to say.

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