Our 100% natural perfume collection ELEMENTS is a tribute to nature and invites you to think outside the box and to experience something new with, wild, alive and vibrant natural raw material.

The creation of sweet smelling and memorable perfumes that last and are made up with natural extracts without any chemicals or synthetic ingredients according to the new European COSMOS Standard is a true challenge. An olfactory challenge performed, for the brand, by the French perfumer Stephanie Bakouche.

By ressorting to fabulous extracts or compounds like Piri Piri Amour, Black current or CO2 extracts from torrefied Sesame seeds, the perfumer Stéphanie Bakouche has formulated true perfume creation. The Piri Piri Amour is a rare raw material which come from a fair trade sacred shamanic plant cultivated by the Shipibos Indians of Peru thanks to the collaboration of the perfumer Michel Roudnitska and the NGO Coeur de forêt.

This collaboration in partnership with the company Accords & Parfums, located in the heart of the mythical Domaine Sainte Blanche in Grasse, Southern France has given birth to a collection of fresh, greedy or woody natural perfumes which combines delicacy, character and volume and persistence.


Our fragrances are formulated with an organic grain alcohol and a 100% natural perfume made with essential oils, absolutes, resins, balms, and rare and pure botanical extracts resulting from a new ecological extraction technology supercritical CO2 extracts.
Our fragrances contain no synthetics, no musk, no components derived from petrochemicals and no animal ingredients. They have been designed and manufactured in an ecological way according to the new European COSMOS Standards for natural and organic cosmetics and are certified COSMOS NATURAL by ECOCERT, cruelty free and Vegan by PETA.


Tolteca has made the choice of an earth friendly perfumery.

We have chosen a 100% French conception and production and have selected the best means of transport.

Our perfumes are made in Grasse Southern France and are conditionned near by. All our communication documents are conceived, in Strasburg where we are based and printed near by.

We have selected a transparent scent bottle made of recyclable glass with no superfluous ornaments, a black & white minimalist case with no pellicular cover, a bottle hood in solid wood handcrafted and engraved by laser in the French Pyrénées mountains. Our endeavor is to go much further in this environmental approach to eventually reach our ultimate goal : a zero waste packaging where nothing is lost and everything remains.
This is why we join in every case a piece of wood to help recycle the bottle hood into an elegant key-ring.