The alliance of French know-how and the beauty of Nature

Backed up by a famous perfume house in Grasse, France, the perfumer Stephanie Bakouche, has access to beautiful natural materials and she masters their secrets.

If the perfumer’s natural ingredients range is reduced in comparison with synthetical components, Nature is plentiful and offers real olfactory treasures. Independent perfumer Stephanie Bakouche likes to play and to compose with this amazing and surprising natural materials.

More than just ingredients, these materials have a history and are the fruit of a unique know-how.

Among them, you will find for example

The Piri Piri Love

The Piri Piri is a root whose extract offers woody facets, incense, round almost fruity and slightly spicy.

The Piri Piri is a root whose extract offers woody facets, incense, and round almost fruity and slightly spicy scents.

The Piri Piri Amour (not to be confused with the chili) is a sacred shamanic plant cultivated by the Shipibo Indians in Peru. Traditionally used by the Indians for its aphrodisiac virtues, this essential oil is made from the root of the plant of the same name. The shamans of the Shipibo people have always used it to make love potions.
Grown today on an old wasteland in a fair way, thanks to the program set up by the ONG Coeur de forêt, Piri Piri Amour allows Indians to remain the masters of their forest space.

Two of our fragrances contain the essential oils of Piri Piri Amour, TLEYOTL and OCELOTL.

To learn more about this unique raw material in perfumery, we invite you to read our article: Discover Piri Piri Amour.

CO2 extract of roasted sesame seeds

CO2 extraction is a new solvent-free ecological extraction process that produces a unique scent. The gourmet note of our natural fragrance Calli has been worked around the CO2 extract of roasted sesame seeds. An unpublished extract, rarely used in perfumery that brings a unique epicure character of caramelized hazelnuts.

The Cassis bud absolute

This 100% French natural material makes it possible to compose fruity perfumes.

The Cassis absolute is a relatively recent raw material and reserved for fine perfumery. It is used to enhance the holding of green and fruity senses.

Lavender essential oil (FRANCE)

The essential oil of lavender used in our natural perfumes OMEYOCAN and OCELOTL comes from a French producer established in the south of France.

Lavender is traditionally used to compose Eau de Cologne and men’s perfumes. Now, we also find it in the feminine niches perfumes. Lavender is used for its nature floral powerful perfume and for its bergamot facet and freshness.

Lavender not to be confused with lavandin is a “must have” for a perfumer. It is an ingredient of choice for the fine perfumery at the origin of many famous perfumes like Azzaro, Kouros, Bleu de Chanel …

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