What is the difference between a conventional scent and a natural scent?

You have probably heard about endocrine disruptors, the famous phthalates and other potentially dangerous ingredients that are hiding in conventional cosmetics … well, as in all conventional cosmetics, these types of ingredients are also hidden in conventional perfumery.

Conventional fragrances contain ingredients suspected to be dangerous to humans and the environment, such as endocrine disruptors. They contain synthetic fragrances, which may contain phthalates, polycyclic musks and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Their perfume compositions are mostly formulated from synthetic perfumes, scents created by humans, which do not exist in nature.

Natural perfumes are formulated from a predominantly natural perfume composition. That is to say from scents existing in nature that are extracted according to different processes.


A natural or organic certification is the only guarantee of a healthy formula and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

To be certified by ECOCERT according to the COSMOS NATURAL standard, for example, a cosmetic must meet different criteria and many requirements. Ingredients, formulas, manufacturing processes or the nature of the materials used for packaging, everything is controlled and subject to validation.

A non-certified fragrance can contain many ingredients that will never appear on the INCI list. Everything is then a matter of trust.

At Tolteca we took the challenge to make natural niche perfumes according to the COSMOS NATURAL standard.

Here is a simplified and imaged way of the various criteria of the Natural, ecological or organic Cosmetics Products certification according to COSMOS and ECOCERT Standards.

NATURAL: the difference

The palette of a perfumer is traditionally composed of natural ingredients and synthetic ingredients. Tolteca opts for a 100% natural palette: an ethical choice but also a creative bias.

An olfactory challenge

The creation of natural perfume is a difficult exercise for a perfumer because by composing with naturals, he can not use any synthetic scent or any synthetic agent generally used to strenghten its performances. By using and selecting the finest raw materials, the independent perfumer Stephanie Babouche took up the challenge for the brand.

A magic alchemy, a lively perfume

Naturalness makes the difference with a promise: reconnect with nature.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration on which all perfumes used to rest. Today, we are back to nature with this desire for “homecoming”, and a quest for authenticity.

First of all, a natural perfume is a perfume that live on the skin sublimating the beauty and the personality of each one creating magical molecular alchemy.

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