Tolteca was born from an observation: the difficulty for a vegan to find a perfume that meets its expectations in terms of formulation, scents, quality and ethics.

This is how I, Aurélie, founder of Tolteca, as an adept of natural cosmetics and vegan myself, came up with the idea of creating a brand of natural and vegan fragrances.

Why Tolteca ?

By creating TOLTECA, I wanted to create high class, subtle and ethical perfumes for all natural beauty addicts, but especially to change things by creating an exemplary code of business conducts and ethics.

I wanted to create a militant company and to transform the purchase of a perfume into a committed action which positively impacts the world. How? By creating a participative charitable program. 20% OF THE PROFIT IS DONATED EACH YEAR TO SUPPORT ANIMAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ORGANIZATIONS.

Each perfume sold can participate to change things.

My wish is to create around TOLTECA a community and to meet people who share the same values and this desire to change the world.

Start to create the life of your dreams

The name Tolteca refers to Toltec wisdom and shamanism. Tolteca means: Artista, artist in Nahuatl. A toltec is an artist.

“Life is a masterpiece. You are the artist of your life. Don Miguel Ruiz. Mexican shaman.

Tolteca is inspired by the Toltec wisdom and art of living. TOLTECA meant “artist” in Nahuatl, the ancient Toltec language and evoked for this ancient Mexican ancestor of the Aztec people, a level of wisdom and knowledge.

The Toltecs teach us how to find happiness and be happy through a surprisingly simple code of conduct. The complete freedom to be your authentic self.

The Toltec shamans invite us to question the meaning of the universe, the reason of our presence on earth offering us a new perspective on the world, far from the answers offered by society and far from conformism.

Tolteca is a new way of doing business, a new way of life and for me, my new dream ..

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