Here is some additional information about our natural Eau de parfum, our brand and, as well some tips on how to use your natural perfume.

What’s inside our natural Eau de parfum ?

Our natural perfumes are formulated from a 100% natural perfume composition and an organic grain alcohol.

Created by a perfumer, these natural perfume compositions form the heart of the perfume and give it its full identity. A perfume composition contains a multitude of natural extracts, such as absolutes, essential oils, natural isolates, balms, concretes or resinoids. Cleverly associated by hundreds these natural molecules form a unique and magical alchemy on the skin.

Can a natural perfume have a good hold?

Yes, we can have a natural perfume with a long lasting and a beautiful sillage. What makes the quality of a perfume and contributes to its good durability is the quality of the natural raw materials it contains and especially the balance of the accord. It’s not only the synthetic molecules that last on the skin.

Which ingredients are excluded from our perfume?

Our natural perfumes do not contain any synthetic ingredients. They are :

<li>Free from petrochemicals (Any phthalate, UV filter, or other dyes are added).</li>
<li>Free from synthetic musk.</li>
<li>Free from animal ingredient.</li>

What is a vegan perfume?

A vegan fragrance is a perfume that contains no animal ingredients, either in its formula or in its packaging. For us, it is also a perfume whose manufacture and marketing respects life in all its forms.

Are all perfumes vegan?

Unfortunately no. 5 ingredients of animal origin can still be present in a perfume:
<li>Beeswax absolute, </li>
<li>Castoreum, </li>
<li>African stone,</li>
<li>Natural civet</li>
<li>Ambergris. </li>
Musk animal like musk Tonkin is thankfully now prohibited and replaced by synthetic musk.

Are TOLTECA perfumes vegan?

Definitely YES. We are a vegan brand. We make sure that no ingredients of animal origin enter into the composition or the manufacture of our perfumes and their packaging.

Are TOLTECA perfumes organic?

Our natural perfumes are not certified organic, they are formulated from an organic alcohol and contain 73,90% of ingredients of biological origin. Our perfumes are certified COSMOS NATUREL by Ecocert Greenlife.

Why natural perfumes?

It is so obvious for us. We are nature lovers ! Nature is an incredible source of inspiration that allows us to create fascinating alchemy and a multitude of delicious scents !

Do you offer refillable bottles?

Not yet ! This is just the beginning. Our company manufactures very small quantity. We will imagine a refill system as soon as our sales volumes will allow us to do so. Our desire is to improve our packaging to reach our ideal: a zero waste packaging.

Why Tolteca?

The name Tolteca refers to Toltec wisdom.
Tolteca means artista. artist in Nahuatl. A toltec is an artist.

Don Miguel Ruiz, a Mexican shaman and author of the best seller book “The 4 agreement” reveals the fundamental principles of the Toltec wisdom, explaining that life is a masterpiece of which we are the artists. We can set ourselves free, escape from social pressure and beliefs to build our own dreams.

What does the Tolteca logo represent?

The TOLTECA logo is built around the 4 elements that form the basis of all life AIR, EARTH, WATER, FIRE. These geometric shape embody alchemy, magic, dreams and the power of nature and life. They refer to one of our values: respect for life.

What does the engraving on the bootle hood represent?

The hand-made laser engraving on the wooden caps of our natural perfumes represents the Toltec calendar, also called Toltec sunstone.

How to recycle the bottle hood into a key ring?

In each perfume case you will find a piece of wood on which is attached a key chain. This piece has been designed to give a second life to the hood when your perfume is finished. To recycle it, put a small dot of glue at the end of the cylindrical piece before pushing it into the hood insert.

How to « well » perfume?

We recommend spraying your natural perfume over a wide area around your bust and neck. To optimize the diffusion of the perfume, you can choose the points of pulsations like for example : the neck, the base of the throat or the underside of the ears. These areas on which the heartbeat is felt and on which the skin is warmer are a perfect place for the fragrance to open and fully diffuse its scents.

Small tip: to optimize the performance of your perfume, spray it on a freshly hydrated skin.

Can I spray my perfume on the skin?

YES. You can spray your perfume on your skin and on your hair. The only precaution to take is not to expose yourself directly to the sun after applying perfume.

How to keep my natural and vegan perfume?

If it is tempting to expose your bottle of perfume on a bathroom shelf, this is not the place to keep it in the best conditions! The sun, the humidity and the heat are the worst enemies of a perfume. We advise you to place your bottle of natural eau de parfum away from the light in a temperate room like a bedroom for example, or why not in your dressing room, next to your accessories and jewelry?

How long can I store my perfume?

Our natural fragrances have a date of minimum durability superior than 30 months. They can be kept for several years up to 3 years or more if they have been kept away from light, and temperature variations.
A perfume changes in time in a variable and unpredictable way. Perfumes are very sensitive to oxidation. Their aging is closely related to how they are stored. After several years, a perfume may be slightly shaded. The best way to know if your perfume is still “good” is simply to feel it.